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Only In Secret

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‘Only In Secret’ starring gay porn stars Diego Sans and Chris Harder, is yet another fantastic gay porn movie filmed by the adult homosexual site MaleGalaxy and released by ‘straight to gay videos’ which is part of the Men network.

Whats up with Diego Sans and Chris Harder

Diego Sans is an all exclusive gay star to Men and a living legend. He is known internationally and has the most amazing body. He loves the gym which is obvious from his six pack, but he hasn’t over done it some other people. He has a hairy body and puppy dog brown eyes. He also has brown hair, and a seven inch uncut cock. He is a top but he has such a firm tight butt which is a shame it’s not used. Diego has starred in 48 hardcore gay porn movies for Men and in his last movie, ‘Hotline part 2’ he got to fuck the smooth ass off of Jay Alexander.
Chris Harder and Diego Sans
Chris Harder looks absolutely striking. He has a beautiful hairy body full of tattoos and a lovely seven and a half inch uncut cock and a lovely big ball sack. He is five foot eleven inches tall, has brown hair and amazing blue eyes. He is a versatile bottom and loves to fuck all day long.
Chris has starred in 7 movies for Men so far, and in his last movies ‘Married Straight Men Part 3’ he gets his sweet ass drilled deep by Alex Mecum.

Info on the movie

The movie starts with Diego Sans in bed with his girlfriend. (Don’t worry; she isn’t in it for very long.) they start to argue, then make up by having straight sex. (Once again, don’t worry; we don’t get to see it.) Outside their apartment, Chris Harder hears them having sex and is disgusted, but jealous at the same time as he wishes that Diego was sticking his dick in him instead.
He dreams about Diego all the time, and he notices Diego looking at him when they cross paths down the corridor from time to time. Although it’s not shown, but I bet Chris strokes his cock every night dreaming about Diego’s dick, I know I do.
straight to gay
Later that same day, Chris sees Diego’s girlfriend leaving the apartment. He is determined to tell Diego how he feels, so he knocks on the door. Diego answers and Chris asks if he can come in. He holds his breath, and then comes straight out with what he wants to say. Diego is shocked, after all he is straight. Chris tells him that he wants to have sex with, Diego steps back, but Chris carries on, and takes him by the back of the head and kisses him right on his luscious lips. Diego kisses him back, and the action starts here.
Chris gets down and sucks on Diego’s hard dick all the way to the base. Diego moans with pleasure, and then soon gets Chris on his back as he gets his ass ready for his dick. Chris moans out with pleasure as Diego licks, and fingers his sweet ass before finally sliding his cock all the way in.

They go wild with lust as Diego fucks Chris’ ass in erotic positions before Chris Harder climbs on top and shoots his load as he rides Diego Sans thick cock. Diego pulls his cock out and his cum shoots up in the air like a fountain.
I love this story line. How many men out there of thought about fucking their hunky neighbour? Get the lube and the Kleenex ready and enjoy the ride because this is going to make you empty your nuts.