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What I like about Gay Tube Videos

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Gay tube videos are great if you are in rush, or just need a quick jerk off. We don’t always have the time to have a leisurely wank, sometimes you have to go out, but you desperately need to beat on that meat. Gay tubes are good for this. You can get anything from a couple of minutes, to a full length movie on some, whilst others are not really any longer than 10 minutes.
I remember once asking a couple of friends to come round the house. I hadn’t heard them come in, and I had left my internet on which was showing off gay videos. I wasn’t ‘out’ at the time, but I was no virgin by any means. I came back into the living room, and saw my friend sucking on my other friends cock as he watched what was on the screen. I was so gob smacked that I just stood there. I thought both of these friends where straight. Paul, the one on his knees, looked up at me, and as he smiled, they both came over as they pulled my pants down. Paul sucked on my raging hard cock, as Jack got behind me, and sank his tongue into my puckered up asshole. The room was spinning with excitement, and I tried to watch what was happening on the screen. Through a hazy blur, I saw two men fucking hard; I heard a slap as one of them slapped his ass as he rode him hard and raw.
I moaned out with extreme pleasure as I felt Jack slide a finger, then two, no sorry, it was three, deep into my wet ass as Paul carried on sucking my dick. My dick throbbed in his mouth, and I felt dangerously close to cumming in his mouth.
I noticed the movie had stopped on the tube site, so I clicked on another hardcore video scene, this time with three guys. The guys in this movie looked very much like us three which turned me on even more.
‘Fuck my ass now!’ I pleaded when I saw the guy on the screen saying the same thing. Both of my friends fucked me red raw that night. Even later, when I was caked in cum sitting on the couch we watched more gay porn. Our cocks were rock hard, and once again, the room was full of cock sucking and ass drilling. Three times we all shot our loads that night.
Another thing I like about gay tube videos from http://www.gaypornstarstube.xxx/ , is the fact that when you watch a part of a scene, it can lead you to the main site where there will be many more movies like the one you have just got a hard-on with.…