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Am i a dirty old man ?

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Ok, I am going to admit it here for all to see, I am a dirty old man, and I am addicted to gay porn and hardcore sex. Blimey, I felt like I was at an AA meeting there. Isn’t it strange that people feel the need to hide the fact that they like gay porn? It’s like we are dirty or something, but the truth of the matter is, it’s a natural thing to do and watch. I don’t think I could go a day without looking at something on the net and having a good old pull on my persistently hard dick. Sometimes I even get someone else round the house and as we watch it together and start fumbling about. I turn the volume up so that I can hear the sound of hot sweating flesh smacking against flesh as the guys on the sites fuck like animals on heat. I usually try to time it so that I cum at the same time as them, although sometimes I can’t hold back, but I suppose that depends on the site, or the quality.
gay porn
Take this morning for example. The postman came round to the house as I was in the middle of watching a movie on gaypornXvideos. The doorbell rang and I had to run down the stairs, I just had time to put a towel around my waist and, with my hard dick making a huge bulge in the front, I opened up the door. The one thing I had forgotten about though, was that I had left the volume up. The postman was a real honey. He had blonde hair that he had to keep flicking back, and he was young and hot. He smiled at me and looked down and then at my tent-like towel. I was about to try and cover it up when he looked up the stairs to my bedroom where the noise was coming from. I am such a slut. I smiled back at him, dropped my towel and left him follow me up the stairs with his eyes feasting on my tight butt.
He stood in the doorway of the bedroom as he watched three men fucking bareback. I unzipped his pants as he carried on watching. His dick was rock hard in my warm hand, and pre-cum drizzled out the end as I put it in my mouth. I heard somebody smacking a tight butt, and as I turned around on all fours to watch the rest of the movie, he slid his cock deep into my ass. It was such perfect timing as we shot our loads at the same time as they guys did on the TV. The postman pulled his zipper up, and left leaving me caked in cum. As I went downstairs, I saw he had left his number on a piece of paper.
Homosexual porn is my life, and I will always watch it. Yes, I am an addict, but who cares? The postman loves it, I love it, and later on I am getting another delivery unloaded around the back. Speak it out loud, don’t be afraid, gay porn is the best thing ever.